Sabrina's Birthday!


Okay, well, not her birthday specifically. Rather, it was one year ago that Sabrina the Story was first started! I wrote Eric Schwartz for permission to write the story, and... well, we all know how bad he is at returning e-mail . So... I e-mailed him again, saying unless he forbade me, I was gonna write the story.

Well, he didn't tell me not to!

So, the story began. And the dreams and fantasies, Sabrina Onscreen the motion picture, talk shows, Disney filing Chapter 11, The Howard Stern Show talking about Sabrina's sex life and why she never wears pants ... well, long story short (I know, why start now??), what I never envisioned was Sabrina going way over 300 pages !!! So, Happy Birthday Sabrina ! And THANK YOU ERIC for your very kind permission in letting a writer with an over-active imagination pay tribute to your talent in this way. Check back every two weeks! A new chapter should appear every Saturday evening before 5:00 PM Eastern Time -- before Doctor Who on BBC America . Hey, priorities are priorities!