Character Biographies

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Sabrina Mustelidae: A skunk, 24 years old, with an intense interest in computers, romance novels, collecting action figures, the Internet, and Internet Relay Chat. She's quiet when not with her girlfriends in "The Clique", with a girl-next-door personality and glasses with near-invisible frames who will always help a friend if she can, and has just the right mix of niavete, intelligence, looks, and has a heart she'd willingly give to the right man when he came around.

Chris Foxx: A male fox, 27, network engineer and PC hardware technician for a major telecommunications company that owns a cable TV franchise, telephone companies, and Local/Wide Area Networks, which is the department in which Chris earns his living. He also wears glasses, has an intense interest in Pittsburgh Penguin hockey, has an off-beat sense of humor, and was raised in a strict atmosphere with his elder sister which he believes is what fuels his wild fantasy life. He is also quite possibly the world's last contemporary gentleman, never above holding a door for a lady or picking up the check.

Amy Squirrel: A 26-year-old blonde squirrel who models for cartoons, monitor backgrounds, and functions as part-time spokeswoman for Amiga computers. Her complete history can be seen at the E.S. Productions website (see Links page here). She works with her cartoonist as co-star in Sabrina's comic strip and helps handle whatever work comes to the studio. She's engaged to Thomas Woolfe following a long courtship and a surprise pregnancy.

Thomas Woolfe: A male wolf, and Amy's fiance, working on his Master's Degree in botany. Slowly coming to grips with the prospect of being a father. Loves sports, in fact he played basketball on weekends until Amy's pregnancy and a pending marriage began to occupy his mind. He likes to cook and loves Amy to a fault.

Wendy Vixxen: Chris Foxx's college sweetheart, 25, who left Chris and the college when she developed a case of wanderlust. Before she left, she and Chris were a popular couple on campus. She never forgot Chris, and when she matured she finished her degree work in accounting and bookkeeping.

The Clique

Susan Felin: A lioness, Sabrina's oldest and best friend, almost inseparable since high school, although they were separated for a short time when Sabrina went to Columbus College of Art and Design and Susan went to The Ohio State University at Dayton. Her main interests are boys and cheerleading, and tries to work English and Journalism in as her major. She's very socially active and dates often.

Sabrina was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, and she went to public school. In high school one day she was late to lunch and she was looking for a table at which to sit. A table had mostly vacated that was occupied by three girls, two raccoon sisters and a lioness, all of them on the high school cheerleading squad. The raccoon sisters took their trays and left, and it was the only table available. Sabrina was a shy girl and always felt a little intimidated around the popular girls, especially the cheerleaders simply *because* they were popular, almost the exact opposite of her introverted self. She dashed over as the lioness was drinking her milk and asked if she could set her tray down. To her surprise, the lioness had a big smile and invited her to sit down with her. Sabrina felt inclined to introduce herself and offered her paw, and that was the day she met Susan Felin, High School Cheerleader.

Later that week they passed in the hall. Sabrina, her shy self, recognized her, but it was Susan who also recognized her too and called out, "Hi, Sabrina!" Sabrina smiled and managed a "Hi" as they passed, surprised that someone she always considered as one of those girls who only hung out with other cheerleaders and dated the football players greeted her.

They saw each other at lunch the next day again. Susan was with the raccoon sisters again and the cafeteria wasn't as crowded as it was before. But when Sabrina emerged with her tray she was spotted by Susan and actually called over and invited to join them!

Susan is the youngest of two, her brother Lyle is currently in the U.S. Marine Corps, following in his father's footsteps. Susan was raised well and taught to respect her parents and her elders, but this didn't stop her from developing a completely carefree attitude to life; not rebellious, just carefree. When she entered puberty she learned just how much she really liked boys, and discovered that boys really liked her. She dated every chance she got, and taught herself how to enjoy herself, how to enjoy a date's company and keep him at arm's length without teasing him the wrong way, how to be a flirt without hurting anyone's feelings, which helped to make her incredibly popular in the school. Plus being a cheerleader added to that, and earning the captain spot in her senior year made her the most sought-after girl in the school.

Susan is very extroverted. One fan echoed once that Susan comes across as though she were written as a young American black girl. I noticed that myself, but she's not, that's just how outgoing she really is.

In the long run Sabrina and the raccoon sisters were only friend-ly, never really friends. Susan, though, for two girls who came from opposite ends of the spectrum they got along amazingly well and became fast friends. And whenever Sabrina was around Susan, she subconsciously began to come out of her shell and actually began doing things such as attending school dances. The only thing Sabrina ever had against Susan was her ability to steal her boyfriends. Sabrina wasn't popular in high school, but she was very pretty and she did date boys. Susan, on the other hand (or paw if you prefer), was extremely popular and absolutely loved boys and dating, and learned early how to use her wiles to get dates and keep the boys' motors running. She never deliberately stole Sabrina's boyfriends, she'd meet them and it just sort of happened. Susan was a natural flirt, and the only real time she and Sabrina had any tension between themselves was when Sabrina got tired of it and confronted her. At the senior prom Sabrina did manage to keep her prom date and he did stay with her all night, whether or not it had anything to do with Sabrina's threatening Susan with a spraying no one remembers or is willing to admit.

After graduation Sabrina and Susan tearfully went their separate ways. Susan attended local college to study Journalism and is where she finally lost her virginity, and Sabrina packed up and moved to Columbus to attend a four-year art college and to get away from her family, little knowing they cared enough about her for her father to request a transfer at work so the family could eventually follow her there. Sabrina had found an apartment share being offered by a local model and moved right in. By pure chance three years later Susan had moved into the area herself and found Sabrina, and they were together again. Susan worked hard to stay limber and keep her figure, and stayed with cheerleading, something she dearly loved, not knowing about the talks the other cheerleaders had about her, being a cheerleader and eventually the captain "at her age", her mid-20's, when most of the cheerleaders were averaging in age between 18 and 21.

Susan never did offer Sabrina the opportunity to share an apartment with her. Sabrina was settled in with Amy, and frankly Susan liked the freedom to bring dates home if she so chose without the necessity of getting rid of a roommate.

Cindy Lapine: A lop-earred rabbit in her sophomore year, 22, athletic and very shy when away from The Clique. She majors in writing and minors in music, which she loves. She lives with her parents and is very self-conscious and trusting.

Cindy is a rarity, or so goes the stereotype, the only child of a rabbit couple. She inherited her lop ears from her father, which seems to be the only thing she inherited from him. Growing up she spent a lot of time with her mother and never mixed much outside of school except occasionally with a few of her closer friends. Columbus, Ohio is her home town. She won a small amount of popularity from her performance on the womens' track and field and cross-country teams where she helped lead them to two consecutive second-place division titles, missing a first place title in her senior year by only a few points. When it came to the opposite sex she preferred dating boys from church rather than school, but if he was from the school and she liked him she wouldn't turn him down. Cindy is embarrassingly shy, which adds to her allure to some and puts her in the background to others. No matter who she dated however, no boy was good enough for her father; he had very high standards for his only daughter and looked after her virtue closer than she did, if that was possible. Cindy was raised with strong Christian ethics and made a conscious decision long ago to keep herself to herself until she finally would be married. She was active in her church through her high school years and still remains active, although she admittedly does miss the occasional Sunday service.

Music is very close to Cindy, many times it's her closest friend. She believes that music can have an impact on peoples' moods, and will select music appropriate for how she feels or how she wants to feel. By herself she'll sing, she has a remarkably melodic soprano voice. This led her to considering music as a career, perhaps teaching music or composing, never once thinking she could sing well enough to consider doing it on stage despite the fact she sang in church every week and was a member of the choir for a little over a year before graduating high school. She always loved collecting music and has quite a large collection from a wide range of genres. When she fell in love with Clarence she began shopping for and collecting CD's of romantic music, looking for something she could call "their song".

While Cindy wanted to enroll in the music program at Ohio State, she found the course curriculum heavier than she had anticipated, and the tuition costs more than she was comfortable paying. Instead she opted to attend the junior college and study music appreciation and took some writing courses, and found out she was actually good at writing when she took it seriously. So, writing became her minor, giving her that career option in case her self-confidence levels wouldn't allow her to play professionally. She met Susan Felin in one of these classes when she was assigned to her as a partner for a class project. One of their meetings to compare notes took place at the local ice cream parlor downtown. Sabrina was with her, and Cindy recognized her, having passed her in the hall several times. After Susan introduced them they spent the next two hours talking about everything except what she went there to discuss. Consequently they got no studying done and after Sabrina went home they went back to Susan's apartment, forcing Susan to cancel a date.

Debbye Squirrel: Amy's younger cousin and the youngest Clique member at 19. She met Sabrina through Amy and they instantly hit it off, so Sabrina was insistant that she be accepted by The Clique, which she immediately was. She's a voracious reader and an accomplished flutist. She envy's Amy's popularity and hopes to achieve it herself someday, but studies music and writing in hopes of obtaining a real job.

Debbye is a very young redheaded squirrel, the middle child of 3 children, also a Columbus native and a freshman at the college at a mere 19 years of age. She met Sabrina in her junior year of high school when she went to visit Amy Squirrel, Sabrina's roommate and Debbye's first cousin. Debbye always idolized Amy and what she did for a living, and wanted to be a professional model too. Her parents would have no part of her dream however; to them modeling was not a serious career. This didn't stop Debbye from dreaming, and she would close the door to her bedroom, put on her better clothes, and practice in front of her dresser and full-length mirrors, posing in one pose after another, walking with a book on her head to teach herself posture, teaching herself poise, even going so far as to try a trick she'd heard about that involved putting a thin coat of petroleum jelly over her teeth to make them shine. She would constantly change her hair style and keep after her appearance. Her father said that 50% of his water bill was from his daughter taking showers. He was delighted Debbye was so taken with personal hygiene, and both he and his wife thought her modeling games were cute but made it clear they wanted her to be "serious about a career"; to them, Amy's success was simple luck and nothing more. At one point they even approached Amy and asked her to dissuade Debbye from the idea, but met with no success in getting her support.

She took up the flute in fourth grade and practiced voraciously, becoming quite accomplished and performing in school concerts and for a time played in a quartet at church. In junior high she held first flute first chair, and found a rival all through her junior and senior years in high school, forcing her to fight to keep first chair.

Debbye never gave up her dream, and when she turned 18 she approached Sabrina during a visit to see Amy and asked if Sabrina could help her get a job doing modeling at the school. Being 18 she certainly didn't need her parents' permission, and C-CAD did occasionally hire models for life drawing classes and the like, Sabrina had done it herself a few times in order to earn extra money. The department heads liked Debbye a lot and admired her initiative in teaching herself all she knew about being a model. It wasn't until her second interview that she discovered she would need to be willing to pose in the nude. It would all be very tasteful, but she needed to be willing to shed her clothing. Debbye went home red-faced beneath her fur to the point she felt her face burn the entire bus ride home.

After she was hired, she felt fortunate to learn that not all of it was nude modeling, she did some glamour and simple modeling too. She was still embarrassed as anything to do the nude work, but it wasn't a daily thing, and the photography instructor took some extra time to help her put together a portfolio of her work. Plus the extra money wasn't bad; it was enough that she could tell her parents she'd taken a job babysitting and only declare a portion of her earnings to them, one of the very few times she was ever dishonest with them.

At her father's suggestion, Debbye began her college career locally at the junior college. Sabrina had recently enrolled there following her graduation from C-CAD to finish up work on her minor in writing and journalism. One day early in Debbye's first semester Sabrina introduced her to Susan and Cindy in the Student Union. They took an immediate liking to the young squirrel. She soon learned that Susan was a lot of fun to be around, but felt more comfortable being around Cindy since she was the more shy one and as the new student in the school she could relate closer to her than Susan or Sabrina. When she learned Cindy could sing she tried to get her to do it with her accompaniment on the flute. As much as Cindy liked the idea she quietly shook her head and declined, except once when Cindy visited her at her house and Debbye was showing off her prowess and played two choruses of Greensleeves, one of their mutually favorite songs. It worked out quite well, unfortunately she couldn't talk Cindy into doing it again even for their friends or family; that would have to wait.

... and the rest!

Dexter Collie: A 30-year-old border collie and the WAN administrator who works with Chris in the Networking Group, and Chris' closest friend and confidant. Married with two children and still madly in love with his wife. He has the same sense of humor as Chris, and is slightly more pragmatic and logical, supplying Chris with the voice of reason when his own has run out on him.

Clarence Skunk: Your basic nerd with severe nearsightedness, an underactive imagination, and a desire to make people like him by trying too hard. He's had a crush on Sabrina since he took her out after she came to the college from C-CAD, convincing himself he and Sabrina are, at the very least, the best of friends, when in reality she can barely stand being on the same campus with him.

Mr. Canis: A greying wolf teaching college writing and multimedia, fortunate enough to have The Clique as students in his class. He makes his lesson plans with the full knowledge that as long as they're in class every day, he can expect to get about 1/3 of his lesson plans accomplished.