Character Biographies

Your scorecard to the players of Tabitha


Tabitha Mustelidae: A lady skunk, 38, with gifted intelligence coupled with a touch of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She nearly has her Ph.D. in Physics, and has an intense background in Mathematics. She's the number two person on the highly-classified time travel project

Dr. Richard Badger: The team leader and co-ordinator, about Tabitha's age. Highly philosophical in thought and careful in action

Chris Foxx: Tabitha's brother-in-law. A retired computer and network engineer with a strong sense of family and very sentimental. While in good health, he requires medical care and resides in a nursing home

Sabrina Mustelidae: Tabitha's elder sister. She's holds a degree in Art and Design, with an interest in writing and an absolute fascination with computers, the Internet, and making friends through Internet Relay Chat

Terl Skunk: A fellow student and classmate of Tabitha's at M.I.T. He once asked her to marry him