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The Disclaimer:

The Disclaimer:

Some would say "It's about doggone time!!"

Clarence Skunk and Cindy Lapine, the couple that at times have outshadowed Chris Foxx and Sabrina Mustelidae in popularity in Sabrina's own Story have finally opened up their own corner of Foxx Den!

And as always, please enjoy it and tell me what you think!

Okay, here's the Official Disclaimer. You'll see pretty much the same thing at the start of each chapter as it goes up -- please do not remove it so no one'll ever mistakenly do anything with it they shouldn't, 'kay? Thanx!

Characters and Disclaimer (c) 1998-2006 by Chris Yost. Midsummer Romance (c) 2001 by Chris Yost. Will You (c) 2006, 2007 by Chris Yost. All rights reserved. Characters Clarence Skunk, Cindy Lapine, Susan Felin, and Wanda Vixen (c) Chris Yost. Characters Sabrina the Skunkette (c) Eric W. Schwartz.

This is an independent work of fiction, with no connection whatsoever to Eric W. Schwartz or E.S. Productions, and in no way is meant to imply any connection with Eric Schwartz, E.S. Productions, or the Sabrina universe in general, and has no direct connection to the events and continuity of the Sabrina Online comic strip. Story based on characters and situations from Sabrina Online created by Eric W. Schwartz.

Lyrics to Will You (c) Hazel O'Connor.

When Clarence Skunk was introduced in Sabrina Online: The Story, he was only intended to be a one-shot character, to dance with Sabrina and never be seen again. Thanks to Terl Skunk, in a moment of severe writer's block, Clarence was brought back for another chapter later on and, as faithful readers of The Story know, a mercy date with Cindy Lapine of "The Clique" begat a romance that has garnered a following that absolutely amazed me.

A Midsummer Romance is a bonus chapter to Sabrina the Story (I'm not telling you where, you have to read The Story to find out!). To inaugruate Clarence and Cindy's new page here, I'm bringing it out into the open so you in The Teeming Millions can enjoy it again for the first time.

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