For those of you who wondered how this all came about, here it is:


An E-mail From Eric W. Schwartz Himself!

>Hi Eric!

>When you first responded to me about "Sabrina the Story", you told me if I was intending to post it, you'd want to put some restrictions on it. Well, I now have a site on FurNation and I'm asking what those restrictions would be. I'd also like to post a link from it to your site, and if you'd further grant permission, to either post samples of your art there or directly link to them, with the proper copyright notices of course.

... and Eric sez ...

As you already know, I'm poor at timely responses to E-mail, but I must apologise for not responding when you sent the complete section of the Sabrina story. I found it a very entertaining read, and I'm sorely tempted to save myself some work and just base the comic off your writings. When I saw the bedroom scene approaching, I was worried, but it was handled well, with comedy and romance reminiscent of the old "pan over to the fireplace, and cut to breakfast" type of movies. As for restrictions, I wouldn't dream of asking you to change or edit your story in any way. All I ask is a big disclaimer at the front that defines the story as a work of fan fiction, and not to be considered canon to the Sabrina Online universe.

Also no problem with your use of the Sabrina image

Thanks for letting me know,

Eric W. Schwartz