Fan Mail

That means e-mail from people like you. (I hope!)


The last thing I ever expected to get, let alone hope for, was fan mail! Some of you people really like Sabrina the Story! It gives me feelings of both pride and humility, and yes, in this case, they can go together! Pride from the knowledge that I've written a quality story, and humility because the feedback I get is so intensely positive that it keeps my ego from inflating beyond my hat size.

I'm sharing elements of these letters with you. You have no idea how much they mean to me.

Subject: Daaaaaaaamn!

Holy crap dude! You are an awesome writer! --> Ohio


Subject: Question

Dear Mr Fox:

I know how you feel about the Sabrina online comic. I like them too ... When will you make chapter 5 of the story? It's an extremely interesting to read. Thank You for your time. --> Ohio


Subject: Sabrina

I am going to add it to my bookmarks; and then it will be easy! WOW! over 1800 hits. You're doing great. --> Pennsylvania


Subject: A certain mephitis...

Mr. Foxx, I think its time for we affected to start a support group to help us deal with the anguish we are put through by a certain skunkette.:) The 'wallpaper' evidence is a dead giveaway. Might I suggest the 'Suitors for Sabrina' support group?:) ... It seems a bit odd to be concerned over the trails of a fictional skunk ... Glad to know I'm not alone. Keep up the good work --> Ontario, Canada


Subject: hello

I never could put a good book down once I got into it, read 4,5 & 6 (speed reading comes in handy sometimes 8-) My sincerest hopes you keep writing, the story is wonderful and didn't leave me hanging. I truely enjoyed it -->Texas


Subject: Greetings from South Africa

Dear Mr. Yost (or should that b Fox?),

This week I was fortunate 2 stumble upon your website. I saw the Sabrina part and thought: "Oh yippee! Another jerk who think's he can live off the success of others!" But then I started reading chapter 1 and thought:"Wow! This is excellent!" So I downloaded all the chapters and read through them all without stopping. It was fantastic! Not only did you capture the essence of the original strip, but you also gave it a sort of realism I have never experienced. It was also great how you implimented all of the plot of the strips into your story --> South Africa


Subject: sabrina

I've been reading your Sabrina story and I think it's great stuff. I can't wait for you to finish of some more chapters - when will they be up? I know Sabrina, Amy from my Amiga days and its great to see a story written about them ... I just read the newer chapters 3 & 4 and they are still great stuff:) It's great how you have managed to retain the proper Sabrina atmosphere and I can't wait to read the new chapters! --> United Kingdom (England, for those of you in Rio Linda)


Subject: Sabrina fan

Hiya ChrisFoxx, Max the Black Rabbit here, I was directed to your page by Schwartz himself to check your story, I downloaded it and haven't read it yet but will soon. Be careful about falling in love with Sabrina though -- SHE'S MINE!!! No, no, I'm kidding ... Max is very understanding (as I told Eric) If Max appears, just don't kill him, that's all I ask. :) --> Ohio


Subject: Fanfiction

Hi! Just wanted to drop a line to say I think your story is really neat; I've been reading it for a while and can't wait for the next, um, installment. Also, on the spur of the moment I made a fanart for this story ... Keep Writing! --> Hawaii


Subject: >tries to think of subject, fails utterly<

Well, I can say that I really enjoy your works; you seem to not only have a sense of good writing style but of good taste too ... I thouroghly enjoy your ongoing story and am looking forward to ch11. That said, I have an odd question to ask you, one I'm sure you've gotten before. How can you say you're in love w/ a cartoon character? >laughs< Yes, I am completely aware of how horrendously impossible that question may be to answer, but... I mean... look. -->Maryland


Subject: Fan mail concerning Sabrina the Story!

Hello, I happen to stumble onto your webpage earlier today on Furnation and I'm glad I did. I wanted to congratulate you on the great story that you have written and I really wanted to tell you that I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm glad you wrote a story about Sabrina, Amy, and all of the other ES and Sabrina Online characters because it seemed to me it was overdue considering there is so little written about them compared to how much artwork and animation there is out there, especally since the story I have just read was so well written it was like a book I couldn't put down until I was done(Which I ended up doing). Now if only there was a picture of Chris Foxx on your webpage so I had an idea of what he looked like... Anyhow to sum it all up, I really enjoyed reading Sabrina the Story and I hope you keep up the great work ... From your newest fan -->Washington (state)


Subject: SABRINA the story...... ;)

As a Sabrina fan myself......geesh and I thought I was the only one.......I just wanted to tell you that I like your story very much. I haven't read much of it but what i have read is well done. Keep up the great work..... -->Ontario, Canada


Subject: Fan Mail from a Flounder...

Bravo! Well written, nicely romantic without explicitness. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing Chapter 14. -->Pennsylvania


Subject: greetings fellow Whovian

I am writing this to tell you how much I enjoy your dreamworks and pondering with Le petite femme skunk. Papa Shwartz may have birthed her, but you have helped make her real. But I am slightly worried about a certain Ms. Vixxen, someone with her beauty and grace, should know when to leave things alone. Especially with the business end of a jealous skunkette involved. Hopefully she will not need tomato highlights in her fur. Anticipating the next installment, keep dreaming BIG. -->Alabama


Subject: Re: Hello :-

Hey!! Thanks for visiting my page! I'm glad you liked it! Are you one of "Sabrina Online" fans, too? Cool!! Man, I love that comic. Pretty funny shtuff, too. Your stories are nifty! See ya around! -->British Columbia


Subject: Sabrina

Oh, wow!! Did You write all that, make that up? I don't know what/who "Amie" is ... I read the first chapter this morning. It's just like what one sees everynight day on irc .. except for the fact you are all playing roles of animals ... Think I'll try and print out the chapters and read the story that way. I am interested in all that You are doing. -->California


Subject: Sabrina story

Hi there, I found your site yesterday and downloaded each part of the story to read offline. I spent about 2-3 hours reading it through the night! It was great stuff man, I liked the bits when Sabrina and Chris talked on the internet, the chapter 9 "Incident" and that funny guy in c'14 who thought they were porn stars! Hahaha good stuff. Will he ever come back into the story? He could make it funny;) Anyway Im gonna let you go write more chapters. Great stuff, cant wait for more:) Also when do you think you would finish with it all? I hope it doesnt finish pretty soon. Thanks again -->Florida


Subject: Memories?

Dear Chris,

Um, Im terribly sorry about this, but I dont know if I talked to you ages ago.. Im a dead ringer for Clarence ... I LOVE the way youre writing the Sabrina story.. read first 3 so far..Please, keep up the great work ... Well, I read all remaining 13 chapters, so far, in one 2 hour burn this evening... and I have to say, you remain consistant, complex enough to not be at all boring, and above all, good. If thats what you call PG.. I dream of the day you would be permitted to write about what happens at ZZ 8) ... Long live Sabrina and Chris, may their story go on for a very, very long time 8) Thanks also to Eric, Chris, Max, and all those who have come together to make SabOnline my favourite comic strip 8) And now its on paper 8)) -->United Kingdom


Subject: Sabrina Story!

I downloaded all sixteen chapters the other night and read through them all - I love it! You have managed what Eric Schwartz could never manage in a comic strip that always wants a punchline - a deep story with lots and lots of detail! *grins* The male character has a great name (I'm called Chris too - my Furry friends call me Hawx, though - Hawx the skunk...hence my infatuation with Sabrina!). I like the way the story has expanded in a constant acceleration. Promise me that Wendy/Windy won't screw things up too bad between Hawx...uhh, I mean *Chris* and Sabrina? ;) ... *grin* I kept thinking about the story all day today, I couldn't keep my mind on anything else! *sighs* I guess I'm just a big softy and have a spot for this kind of literature - it is wonderful, after all :) ... I will indeed stay in touch, just wait (tell me when the next chapter's coming!) -->United Kingdom


Subject: Sabrina

Very good. I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work. -->Florida


Subject: Great story.

Greeting´s from Iceland ... I was exploring your page and must say that your work is fantastic. I´m a Sabrina fan myself so I stuck myself in front of the computer and was just few minutes ago(counting the time I started to write this letter) finished reading Chapter 19.(I sure hope that was not the last chapter). I write stories myself ... but I can´t put my toes where you have you heels (If you don´t understand what I was saying then I meant, You are number one in story writing). Keep up the good work -->Iceland


Subject: Expansion.....

G'day and hello Mr. Foxx,

Since that fateful day two years ago that I stumbled apon Mr. Schwartz art, I've been a fan. I've been there every time the Sabrina Online world expanded, laughing, being shocked, and falling in love with Eric's characters along with many other people (including yourself). I am a writer (as my mom and dad before) of sci-fi, fantasy, and fiction. I love how you've taken Sabrina from the comic strip character with just enough background and daily life to salve the masses and embodied her with a near complete history and personality, satisfying those of us who are more than just your average fan. I must compliment you on your style of writing; you use everyday language in the narratives so the majority of your readers will understand every detail, you give enough detail so that the reader knows what everyone/thing looks like without giving so much attention to the details that they interrupt the flow of the story. Your transitions from scene to scene are fairly smooth and leave some little tidbit for the reader to use their imagination. I just read Ch 19 ... please add more of Clarence to the story. His character and personality remind me of my own. Keep writing! May Fate smile kindly on you -->Georgia


Subject: Sabrina

Dear Foxx,

I have been reading your Sabrina "fan-fic" and finally thought, well, I like it and I know the only way the author will ever know is if I write and tell him so. I started reading it and finished the whole story in the course of a single night, and have been checking back periodically for more chapters. The piece was so life-like and the characters all interact so 3 dimensionally that I felt as if I was watching a mini-soap opera (without the cheesy plots) . So, I commend you on a job well done and hope you will continue with your online creation -->Florida


Subject: Sabrina the Story

I just read through the story and I loved it! After reading through the first chapter, thinking to myself, "Hmmm, this might be interesting. The strip's pretty darn cool," I was hooked and read the whole dang thing straight through. I've never read fanfiction, but I've heard many peoples' comments on it, and I was expecting meaningless drivel. I was suprised. Sehr toll! --> Ohio


Subject: Your site, an' Sabrina

First off, let me say that I've followed your story since... I dunno, chapter 8? It's written terrificly, and the story keeps me coming back for more. No, really! :) ... to cheer you up, I took your "Chris Foxx" sign, and did what you seemingly tried to do before -- made it transparent. :) This is my gift to you, for giving the 'net this great story! My love and I follow this story quite often, because we share something in common: we met on the 'net! And, like Chris and Sabrina, I'm moving to Florida, to be with my gal! :) ... thanks again for the story... may it go on for as long as you enjoy writing it! --> Indiana


Subject: You've got Mail!


I must say, you've got me hooked. It's like watching a series TV show, where the next episode takes place immediately after the last. Cool. I just found your Alternate Sabrina universe about a week ago. Cool stuff ... I understand why you don't like to call it a Fan-Fic, but that's ok. Just think of it as a parallel reality ... I had to write & send it before I could get any work done. Oh well. Probably still won't. Ha Ha. Keep up the quality work. --> Rhode Island


Subject: Expansion.....

G'day and hello Mr. Foxx,

Since that fateful day two years ago that I stumbled apon Mr. Schwartz art, I've been a fan. I've been there every time the Sabrina Online world expanded, laughing, being shocked, and falling in love with Eric's characters along with many other people (including yourself). I am a writer (as my mom and dad before) of sci-fi, fantasy, and fiction. I love how you've taken Sabrina from the comic strip character with just enough background and daily life to salve the masses and embodied her with a near complete history and personality, satisfying those of us who are more than just your average fan. I must compliment you on your style of writing; you use everyday language in the narratives so the majority of your readers will understand every detail, you give enough detail so that the reader knows what everyone/thing looks like without giving so much attention to the details that they interrupt the flow of the story. Your transitions from scene to scene are fairly smooth and leave some little tidbit for the reader to use their imagination ... so far it's been nice having the references to the comic: it makes Sabrina the Story seem less like a fan-fic and more like the official story with the comic strip having the highlights of her life ... but please add more of Clarence to the story. His character and personality remind me of my own. Keep writing! May Fate smile kindly on you. --> Georgia


Subject: Just dropping a line...

Mr. Yost (Or Foxx, perhaps? :)

Although I'm not a real hardcore Sabrina fan, I do keep up with the strip. I must say that your story has been most enjoyable! I'll be sure to check into your website on a regular basis to read the new material. Again, great job, and please keep it up! :) --> Washington (state)


Subject: Sabrina Story


I've been reading your ongoing tale for... oh, about a month now - I think I found it (via Mark Stanley's FreeFall links page) at around chapter 16. I was amazed when I peeked back a week or so later (I'd missed the part where you said it was weekly, and had assumed monthly updates or thereabouts) and there was another chapter! I'm amazed at the rate at which you keep putting out these wonderful chapters ... think one of my favourite moments in the story so far has to be Chris' proposal... Rather unique timing, I must say. From personal experience, I think it's better than the usual way of agonizing over the decision forever. Though, come to think of it, Chris did plenty of that, too. Great work, I love how you're handling the characters - like many others, I'm warming to Clarence, and remember being a lot like him once upon a time ... The integration with the Sabrina Online strip seems almost seamless, beautifully done. (And I have to wonder if some of the current directions of Sabrina Online are being influenced by your work... ) ... Looking forward to more... (Just don't burn yourself out, OK?) --> Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Subject: The Sabrina Story

Dear Chris,

I have to admit, your story was great! I rarely do much reading, but lately I stumbled upon the Sabrina comic strip and loved it, but when I found your story I fell in love. I swear you've got hidden cameras in my house. Me being a Chris as well, and just as goofy as in the story. Me and my girlfriend met over the internet too. Though we haven't gotten as far as meeting yet, reading your story has given me a few tips, and a little inspiration on being a gentleman. All I can do is say thanks, great work, and I look forward to more! --> Georgia


Subject: Sabrina the Story

I'm really enjoying this series, please keep them coming! --> Australia


Subject: Your story

Hey there,
I love your Sabrina story ... Thank you for posting your wonderful story. It was a real page turner -- I couldn't put it down! It takes talent to make a story which grips someone's attention like that. I hope you keep it up, if you plan on continuing the story. Thanks once again!
--> North Carolina


Subject: Ok I've read them all so far....

Hi Chris!
I have been reading your story so far and am impatiently waiting for the rest of the story. I hope you'll have time to write a half dozen chapters soon. I am looking forward to the continuation. Please hurry! I want more more more! *grin* How is that for fan mail? *evil grin* It isn't often I get interested in my husbands fascination for furrytoon stuff, but you and Eric have my attention. I am now a
Sabrina Online and Sabrina Story junkie and it's all my husband's fault, well mostly. But I look forward to each new development, I just wish you both had more time to produce strips and chapters faster than you are. Though I do appreciate all your efforts. I wish Kris hadn't found your story till it was finished, it would save me some waiting, I hate waiting. *grin* ... just wanted to encourage you and let you know your work is appreciated and eagerly looked forward to. Take care and write more soon. --> California


Subject: WOW... The Sabrina Story...

This story is one of the best stories I've read in a very long time.. I wish I could find literature like this in any other place, but you have it all: Love, romance, AND humor. In the same sitting, I've read from the first sentence to the end of chapter twenty-two. You're good. --> California


Subject: Sabrina The Story

Dear Mr. Yost -

Just wanted to drop you a note complimenting you on Sabrina the Story. A few months ago, I was browsing the web and minding my own business when I accidentally stumbled into the alternate universe of furry fiction and art. I have been falling down the rabbit hole ever since! Although I don't know if I count myself as a "furry", I am definitely an avid fan of Sabrina Online, and was delighted when I discovered the link to your site on FurNation. At first I thought your assertion that your story was "damn good fan fiction" was a bit arrogant - but then I started reading it! I've since read all of your stories and I keep coming back, so I guess I'll have to admit that you were right. I think that your story adds to the comic strip in several cool ways, both by expanding on the characters and their relationships, and by setting up a range of possibilities for them to pursue. I especially appreciate the way you've integrated all the little details and inside jokes from the comic strip into your story. I was also surprised and happy when I saw the recent "one handed typing" strip from Eric Schwartz that seems to be incorporating parts of your story into the "real" Sabrina plot line! I'm looking forward to seeing how the strip and the story continue to co-evolve. If I could make one request, it would be that Chris & Sabrina have a l-o-n-g engagement! ... Good job, and thanks for sharing ... I think you've handled the "meta-humor" well too - having the characters refer to their status as characters in a comic strip, stuff like that. That kind of thing can easily be overdone, but so far I think you've struck a nice balance. Eric Schwartz does the same kind of thing in the strip, so your story dovetails nicely with his. That's another thing I like about STS - you don't just include the events of the comic; I think you've captured a good bit of Sabrina Online's overall feel, while still maintaining your own artistic autonomy. The Sabrina in your story acts the way I would expect the "real Sabrina" to act - she's definitely the same skunk! ... P.S - Loved the FreeFall cameo in the latest installment! --> New York


Subject: Reasoning with a hippo

Hello Chris,

... I've really enjoyed the Sabrina story ... Its a site that continually draws me back ... Its an enthralling story that keeps me anticipating the next chapter.
--> South Dakota


Subject: Sabrina online

Hey there. I'm like, a HUGE Sabrina fan... I came to your site, and it's pretty cool ... I found Sabrina about two years ago, and from the day I read my first SO comic, I was absolutely hooked... like you say, there's something that just draws you in, something you can't put your finger on ... And I suppose I really am more like [Clarence] than I'd like to admit (Mostly because in my eyes it makes me out to be something of a freak, being so much in love with someone whom doesn't exist outside of a two-dimentional world created by the esteemed Mr. Schwartz). Anyways, I'm just a typical computer nerd who finds that he can't help but fall in love with the beautiful skunkette... to the point of actually considering buying an Amiga just to see some of Eric's Animations in the hopes of seeing Sabrina on one or two of 'em ... At least I know that there's one otherlovesick freak like me out there --> Utah


Subject: Sabrina Online Story

I am dropping you a line to congratulate you in the best piece of work I have ever read. Not only did I read the whole 25 chapters in one day, I read it with gusto. I know you must have gotten that phrase almost thousands of times, I just felt that you deserved it one more time. There was just something about your story that captured the essence of my spirit. Falling in love with someone, in my definition, is greatly refined in your story. I am in the moment in love with a special somebody and I was glad to find out that I wasn't the only person left in this world like Chris Foxx. I am not trying to brag, but when I read his descriptions and intentions, I instantly feel in love with his personality since it was just like mine. When I went on dates with my special somebody, I as well opened the door for her and I intend to do it everyday of my life with her. People may say that it is the little things that counts, but to me, those little things are big things, in my words. We fancy each other and currently, I am in the same position as Chris Foxx was when Dexter gave him the advice to propose. I wish it was as easy as it was for Chris during the hockey game ... I apologize for making such a long email, but I felt that a justification for my e-mail in congratulating you was necessary. Great Work! Keep them coming ... Everything you say in the context of the story reflects you. Every author is unique since each of their stories are in different style since the multitude of personality qualities are in great variation. Your story had caught my interest since the words were ever so true as to your personality. --> Texas


Subject: A little more Fan Mail

Dear Chris,

... I don't know whether you prefer Yost or Foxx, so I just left it at Chris. I have been following your story for quite some time now and am very intrigued. I think I came in around chapter 11 or so, I can't remember. I also didn't write down how I found your site, so I have no idea where I came from to get to it, but I'm just glad I did. I frequent your site very often, everyday in fact, looking for anything new. The fan art is wonderful, as I'm always glad to find more pictures of Sabrina. I knew the moment I "stumbled upon" Eric Schwartz's web site and caught my first glimpse of the alluring skunkette we call Sabrina, that she was the one for me. You could call it love at first sight, but I believe it is much more than that. I took a four hour drive out to the middle of nowhere in order to gather my thoughts, and came back with the conclusion that it couldn't be anything but love. Sabrina the Story has only proven to accentuate my love for her. I put myself into the story, pretend I am your character, as this makes it a whole lot easier to read. To have my exact thoughts written down by someone other than me is eerie, to say the least, but it makes me feel better too. You have said to the entire world what I couldn't even admit to my best friends, and have just now admitted only to you. The story itself is written beautifully. It's got everything I could ask for, humor, romance, suspense, surprises. I am always anticipating the arrival of a new chapter. I end each chapter wishing I could turn fiction into reality, but no matter how hard I try it just doesn't seem to work. Your writing is very comforting to me, it makes me glad to know that I'm not the only crazy person in this world. I enjoy the way that the story is not always centered around the relationship of Sabrina and Chris. All of the characters play an important role and are not left out when the details are added. The fact that you have so many subplots revolving around the main plot shows that you have talent. I was glad to see that Clarence was not ignored and has now gotten together with Cindy, a very pleasing turn of events. There is so much going on I don't see how you could possibly write an ending to it anytime soon, at least one that would do the rest of the story justice ... I don't think I can put into words how much your writing means to me. It gives me hope even though I shouldn't have any hope at all ... It makes me feel much better knowing that someone out there understands how I feel, even if I don't really know who you are. In the end, I guess all I can say is thank you for what you have given to me and the rest of the world. It is very much appreciated, so please don't stop anytime soon, or at least wait until I fall in love with someone who actually exists ... Keep up your writing, I can tell you it is loved by at least one person. -->Virginia


Subject: Hi!

Hi Chris!

I just wanted to say the Sabrina story's are very good! (if my spelling was better I'd say more.) I love it. Its the only romance story I have ever liked ... There is no need to thank me for reading. I should be thanking you for writing ... Hey when someone with Dyslexia compliments you on your writing, you know its good!


Subject: Sabrina

Hello, Chris

I just wanted to say a little "thank you" for doing your continued Sabrina story. Sabrina Online" is obviously a very popular online strip, and there was a need for something more than Eric`s scarce 2-5 strips a month. I did find your writing a bit too mushy at first, but it`s growing on me. That was a funny new twist on the story in chapter 26. -->Norway


Subject: Your work is great !


... Well, I suppose you must have read this about a zillion times, but I just gotta the say the story is simply great. As addictive as Eric's strips, and I can nearly see the scenes happening. Usually, I don't like fanfictions very much, but this one is really neat. The part with Clarence and Cindy is a really nice touch. I guess it is comforting to know that, somewhere, even nerds get their chance :) ... Take care and keep on writing, you are doing great ! Thanks !


Subject: Cool story man!

I believe the subject says it all really. 10 out of 10. Excellent plot lines and character development, and a good sense of humour. I have downloaded all chapters so far, and read them all lots. The Clarence/Cindy thing seems to be going well, I hope that it works out for them ... keep up the good work, I look forward to the next chapter -->England


Subject: Sabrina

Just thought I'd drop you a note. The best bit of your ongoing fan-fic is the detail you put into the lives of the 'alternate' characters. Clarence, Cindy, Dexter, etc. It's like those English soap-operas where people are living reasonably real lives, something that's missing from most fiction, be it sequential art, literature, or television. Thanks
-->Washington (State)


Subject: A word from Toraneko:)

Hello there!
... I read the latest chapter of
Sabrina. I have thought a lot about why the story affects me so much. Why does it seem like "my" story? Lots of people meet and fall in love online. Lots of peole move to be near their love. Lots of girls have to contend with an ex named Wendy, right? ( why DID you have to pick THAT name? ) * grin* ... Geeze, next thing you know I'll get attached to soap opera storylines. OY! I 'll be looking forward to the rest of the story ... you have given me countless hours of joy and entertainment. It is a writer's goal to affect the reader and you have done that in spectacular fashion--> Florida


Subject: LOVE the story!

This story,is one of the finest pieces of furry literature i've came upon. It's very interesting, and holds true to the Sabrina comic. I commend you on your writing abilities and I look forward to chapter 29! ... hope it all works out for Chris and Sabrina....they belong together. ^^--> Ohio


Subject: Sabrina Story:)

Well....I had glanced across your site and decided to take a good look at your Sabrina Online story. My God. I must have laughed, cried, and guffawed at the story a thousand times over! My God.. this story was so well written, it inspired me to actually get down and write the first chapter to the Saga of Iron Raptor. Just the way you wrote it is Sooooooo much like reading the Eric Schwartz comic. But more emotionally involved. The story also parallels my life a bit too, considering I met my sweetheart through FurryMUCK. THe only problem is that she is in MA. and I'm Canadian, but we are both furry artists and who share parrallel dreams and ambitions, and we share our love for each other as well. This story, well. it kinda hit a soft spot in my heart. I couldn't stop crying when I read chapter 28, (especially since I had My Heart Will Go On playing in the background) BTW, I also had a kinship with Clarence as well, considering that I was very much like him, except I dressed a little differently from him, but still an outcast nerd nonetheless. For this excellent compilation of a story, it definitely has my seal of utmost satisfaction. I'm not sure what else I can say about it. I felt like I was being absorbed into the story.. like I was really there when Cindy and Clarence talked in the coffee house, when Wendy was showing off her ability to cook perohis :) Or when Sabrina and Chris.. well nevermind. The fact is that this story was... DOMINANT! :) Don't ever stop, and if you do, I'll bawl like a baby until you start! :) :) Well.. ending another ego-boosting letter.. :) --> Canada


Subject: latest chapter

Howdy. Mail from a fanboy here. Lets see, linked in from the ES Sabrina page. Love your work. I've printed it all out. It took HOURS. Got it all in a big notebook. Now I'm forcing it on all my friends saying "Read this! It's great!" Now, the latest Chapter, number 28. Uh, you made me cry. That's impressive. Don't know any other way to put it ... You write very well. Keep up the good work ... Oh, and I love the bits with Dexter. Those are just hilarious. Anyway, got to run. See you next week--> North Carolina


Subject: Author, Author......

Wooow......... I really don´t know where to begin. Last week, I found your link at the Sabrina Online links page and out of curiosity began to read your story. Before I knew what happened, a whole week has passed and 28 chapters were read and reread (some parts anyway) and my head hasn´t stopped spinning by the ways things have turned out ... I was told in school that a true artist is a person who can make another person feel good or bad inside only through his work. I can only say that you have that touch, because after reading your last chapter ... :). I hope Mr. Schwartz is reading the story at the same time we are and maybe try to include in the near future some of your characters or situations in the same way he did for Max Blackrabbit. A fitting tribute to a great writer. Encore, Encore.... --> México


Subject: Wheee...=^.^=

Love your story. Honest. Am going to read chap 28, so I have a really good reason to run.--> Malaysia


Subject: re: Sabrina Online; The Story

I just wanted to write you about your Sabrina fic. I passed it by, no less then 2 times. I said "No way am I reading non canon work". I can't believe someone would have the gall to attempt to equal Eric's work. (quick rustle of some leftover crow being disposed of..) Soo.. why did I just finish part 28? Because you've really managed something charming here, very well written, and a huge step above the common fic. I think Mr. Schwartz hit the nail on the head w/ the film reference. The whole story evoked a sort of "Cary Grant" like romance comedy vibe. It stands on its own as an enjoyable read in every sense. (And dangit, now I'm tortured by 2 split continuities.... but in a good way) ... Thanks for a great read, which I hope to see more of
--> Oregon


Subject: the end of the story..

I have been a long time Sabrina fan, and as soon as I found out about the story, I was just as hooked. This has been an excellent story all around. Well written, and enjoyable. I can not think of one part where I was at all annoyed with anything, which is rare for me. I commend you on the entire story ... It was well done. Well, that's it. Just wanted to give my appriciation.
--> California


Subject: (More fan mail :) Whew!

Well, to add to the huge stack of e-mail you've probably already gotten, (and how many times have you heard that line already;) Thank you for deciding to keep on with this wonderful story. I ran across your site a couple of months ago, after seeing the link on Eric Schwartz's page, started reading the story, and, well, loved it. :) And when I figured out that there was going to be even more, soon,(in other words, that this wasn't just another dead site on the web) I definitely became a Happy Camper(tm). Hrmm, well, as I am not much of a person for putting down words coherently, let me just say Thank You again for writing this story and putting it where all of us can read it, and that I can't wait to see how the new story turns out too. Thank You. p.s. did I say Thank You? *grin*--> Arkansas


Subject: kick-ass!

Hi, my name is Ezequiel Rivero, and im from Uruguay...I really love your story, the thing that I liked best is the story of Clarence (I´m really identified with him!) I hope that you still work on this story, it´s the best online story I readed so far.......but....... im really new to all this "furry" world and i want to you have problems with you parents, friends, girlfriends, etc, about your story? Yes, yes, I know, they asked this a hundred of times, but nobody of other people reply to me, and I really want to know....That´s all, good luck from a fan--> Uruguay


Subject: comments

Your Sabrina the Story is sweet. I to love her comic and Eric's art [my personal favorite character is Tammy Vixen]--> Michigan


Subject: The story

I am just writing and telling you how much I enjoy the Sabrina story so far. You are doing a good job, granted it seems like an on going soap, but none the less really enjoyable. With you permission I am down loading and keeping a copy for myself too.--> Washington (state)


Subject: Sabrina

I'm a new fan your work and let me just say this, "DON'T LET THEM BREAK UP!" I mean, what would all of us that live JUST like Chris or Clarence do if things got sour for them, put some hope in us PLEASE!--> Florida


Subject: Sabrina & your story

Hi there
what can I say except what propably everyone has told you already. Your story is one of the best peices of literature I have read in some time. And believe me I read a lot. Very familiar with Sabrina as the comic strip I was more than eager to read the "story" after finally a fellow chatter showed me the way to it. After downloading all of the stuff..I couldn't stop reading until the very end (for the moment). Chapter 28/29 was a real shock though. Being involved with the story as it developed in one piece...feeling with the characters, and in a very similar situation myself, I was crushed, numb...shocked. I work on a Cruise Line Ship and my wife is still in Germany ready to give birth to our first child. After reading the start to think how much really can happen out of your control, so that you never see you loved ones again...It took some effort to find the point where you put the story into the right direction...but I still kept thinking. I thank you for the music (words). They have widen up my horizon again
--> Germany


Subject: Great story

You said to mail you and here I am mailing you. I just finished reading chapter 33 of the Sabrina story (i just found it this afternoon as well) you write a great story but I was a little confused about chapter 29. I could't quite figure out what happened. I hope I will eventualy figure it out. Well I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I liked your story and I look forward to chapter 34 almost as much as I look forward to the new Sabrina Online comics every month. Good luck with your writing
--> California


Subject: is haven down?

hello Mr. Yost (man that sounds way to formal)-
I have am a rather new Sabrina fan and was pleasantly suprised to find out that is a story about her ... very nice work ... once again I must congratulate you on the top notch work you contine to produce. I have even hooked several of my friends on your work and we are all eagerly awaiting the next chapters of sabrina and tabitha. Keep up the excelent work, and thanks for adding so much depth to an already great skunk.
--> Connecticut


Subject: congratulations!

Hey I just noticed that I'm the 30000 th visitor on your page. And I just want to tell you that I have read all the chapters of Sabrina the story and Tabitha and I really like them. And furthermore I would like to thank you for making these great stories available online ... I must say that all the chapters are so good that I really can't say which one is the best. Keep up the good work! --> Finland


Subject: About a link...

Great work on Tabitha, and Sabrina. Keep it up, you had me WONDERING about some of those dream sequences, like the one where Sabrina broke up with Chris. Don't SCARE me like that! -_^ ... See ya, eh?^_^ --> Canada


Subject: Yet more copyright-infringing fan art

Ever since I read that great story of yours, I've been meaning to draw something for it, and the holiday weekend finally gave me the opportunity to do it. The Clique seemed like a good choice, since nobody, as of yet, had drawn them together ... --> Idaho


Subject: "They meet"!

Hi! I am an over-excited St. Bernard furry who all the time looks for furry art on the 'Net and drools with the amazing stuff he finds! :OD
I just happened to have accessed your page and had a look at the sorry... ;O) I mean, story about you and Sabrina! Well, I saw the title of the first chapter - "They meet". Guess what it reminded me of:
Ms. Pacman!!! =:O} And I just *had* to send this message straight away! :O}
You know what I thought? A lil' animation a-la
Ms. Pacman but with you and Sabrina! Maybe someone out there (Eric Schwartz?) could do this...? :O}
--> Florida


Subject: Storytime

Good day to you, Chris.
I am mailing you to say that I very much enjoy your online
Sabrina and Tabitha stories. I eagerly await additions to both of them ... I look forward to seeing more on both of these stories, and want to give you a pat on the back for two very good pieces of fiction.
Keep up the good work! ... It's an honor to speak with you. I admire your writing very much ...
--> Florida


Subject: Hi!

Just writing to say that it is a great story so far,(both of them!) and can't wait to see more of what happens. :) On a side note, I put a write in for your site on the 100 list. (under Sabrina online - The story) since it didn't come up under any of the listed sites. :) ... --> Utah


Subject: sabrina

I have read Sabrina On-Line for some time now, and have learned that you also have written some stories about the characters (Sabrina, some others?) ... I just read your
Sabrina and have begun reading Tabitha. The story is GREAT! Only thing is it seemed to have been left hanging there. Will there be more chapters or more new stories? (what can I say ... I'm a brina fan) --> Croatia


Subject: Fan Mail

Dear Mr Yost,
I am big fan of
Sabrina Online and like very much your story and the one James Bruner is writing. I am a bit of an artist myself so I decided to make this picture of Sabrina and someone advised me to send it to you. I would appreciate it greatly if you would send a reply with your opinion about my art... --> Malta



My name is Karen and I have never written a letter to anyone before about their stories so you should feel special. I love your
Sabrina and I can't wait for the next chapter. I also read the Tabitha story and I didn't know that I had gotten so attached to the Sabrina charter. I cried over her passing in your next story. And I really don't remember that happening to me before so keep up the good work and I'll keep reading! ... I work nights and check out your page when I'm bored. Thanks for writing me back makes me feel heard. You have my vote --> Oklahoma


Subject: Sabrina the Story


I am writing to complement you on your wonderful work of Sabrina fiction. I must say I think it is wonderful. I never knew that Sabrina had such a following, and I also thought I was the only one who had ever had the urge to write Sabrina fanfic. Once again let me thank you for your great work ... I also have a question. I am working on a small sabrina fansite that will be located at I was wondering if it would be OK if I linked to your page.


Subject: Keep up the good work

Dear Chris Yost,

I've read through the whole Sabrina story up to the latest chapter. Why you aren't published yet, I can't figure out. I'm not a avid reader. The only thing I'll read are manuals when I have to. Though when I came across your story... it was like an addiction. I know Clarence was never meant to be popular, but you know why he is? He models probably half of nerds out there. I've always had an urge to write a collection of stories. These stories would mostly be like the Revenge of the Nerds, but with a bit of PCU, and Fast Times a Ridgemont High. Except these have even worst stereotype busting personalities. Where else could you see a gardening goth, a southerner going for a nuclear physics degree, violinist who can sound like a guitarist, or robotics major who drives a diesel truck and speaks with a german accent. Though...Thanks for reading. --> Tennessee


Subject: congratulations!

Hey I just noticed that I'm the 30000 th visitor on your page. And I just want to tell you that I have read all the chapters of Sabrina the story and Tabitha and I really like them. And furthermore I would like to thank you for making these great stories available online. --> Finland


Subject: About a link...

Great work on Tabitha, and Sabrina. Keep it up, you had me WONDERING about some of those dream sequences, like the one where Sabrina broke up with Chris. Don't SCARE me like that! -_^ --> Quebec, Canada


Subject: Yet more copyright-infringing fan art

Ever since I read that great story of yours, I've been meaning to draw something for it, and the holiday weekend finally gave me the opportunity to do it. The Clique seemed like a good choice, since nobody, as of yet, had drawn them together. I'll admit I was just feeling my way around in the dark as to what three of the four clique members looked like, and although there were pictures of Cindy drawn by other people, mine really doesn't look like either of them. Clarence is just along for the ride, and isn't all too faithful to any of the others (except, perhaps, to Cindy). Let's just call it a nice li'l "interpretation" and leave it at that. I think my Sabrina looks pretty faithful, tho. :) --> Idaho