Writer's Journal. |Sunday, November 30, 2008|

I hope all in the U.S. had a tremendous Thanksgiving! Ours sort of just came and went. After a couple of days of some pretty wicked snow, it began slowly clearing up. We had our turkey dinner, but no cranberry sauce! How can you legally have a Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce!!?? And I live near a town called Cranberry!! You'd think someone here would've made the connection and picked up a can! But still had the turkey dinner, one of my favorite fruits, so it was a pretty good evening, followed by a game of Monty Python Fluxx -- if you're a Python fan, buy this game! You'll thank me!

Racky and I have started on Chapter 57, moving The Story along. Killing off one of the principle characters, always a hard thing to do when -- no, wait, that's not us. Never mind.

Good news for those of you who have been waiting so patiently for Tabitha to resume: I'm starting on the next chapter! Stay tuned for for further news and information!

Better news, I'm a step closer to a regular job! A real job, not a contract job again! Remember last year when I spoke of Comdoc and Information Works (a ComDoc company) and the seven interviews I had with them out of three different offices? And nothing came of all of those interviews? Well, last month right after I had the accident that totaled my minivan -- yep, and I only had insurance on the other guy, and I still owe about 5 grand of it ... anybody got silver-gray front end parts for a 2001 Dodge Caravan? -- within a day or two I got an email from a woman I used to work for, she's a salesman for Information Works (a ComDoc company) -- they have an opening! The timing couldn't have been better! Because they also provide a company van I can take home! Needless to say I was happy-dancin'! It'll be like Northrop-Grumman, I'll be working from home (the main office is in Columbus, Ohio and I'll be handling the Pittsburgh area) where I'll order parts as needed and they'll be overnighted right to me. It's gonna be great! The only downside is that I'll be bringing home about $10K less that I was at Northrop-G ... but I'll also have health benefits, and that's a serious plus!

I met with the #2 man at Information Works (a ComDoc company) again, Interview #8. He wanted to hire me last time, but I was up against another technician with whom I was neck and neck. He wanted to hire us both, but couldn't, and the other guy had just a smidge more than I did ... I met him too, %^#$^&#, nice guy though ... anyway it looks as if God willing it's all over but the shouting! I went back last Tuesday and they trimmed out some of my hair for a drug test -- if you ever get one of these, look at the form. There's a checklist to indicate where the got the hair: _Head _Chest _Armpit _Other?? C'mon now, I know they're not gonna shave my legs, I think we all know where "Other" is!


It just donned on me, would they get a mohel to do that one? 8)

The bad thing: Start dates at Information Works (a ComDoc company) are either the first or fifteenth of the month. Tomorrow's the first of December. And our bank account has dwindled badly. We haven't been this bad off in a long time. So Christmas, my favorite time of year, may end up being just another day. We may end up losing Internet access, which is how I get my OnForce and other contract jobs in the meantime. The payment of our back property taxes was missed, so me may end up using the van for more than transportation while it's down. Food, we're eeking by. I was just so hoping for that December 1 start date. Actually, chomping at the bit for it. Now I'll be pacing until I get the word for the December 15th start date, and taking what OnForce can throw my way, when it has stuff to throw my way, it's been a little anemic itselt lately ... 'tis the season, I guess.

Other bad thing, I have no transportation, save for the occaional use of my son's car, which is needed to get him to and from his own job. Does anyone, anyone know of one I can have the use of?? Or get on the seriously-serious cheap? Or free? Just thought I'd ask ...

We're on a bye week from Dungeons and Dragons for two weeks, the people who provide the house aren't going to be available. No serious biggie, gave me a chance to listen to Racky Raccoon's show on KWKAT last night! Missed that show ... I run three different characters depending on who's GM'ng, but at least I'm keeping track of who's who! Right now we were running a pirate adventure which started us all at Level 1, I'm a Wizard, and my name is Wor. Bonus points to those of you who get that; I was amazed how many of my fellow gamers did! We leveled up a level a week, all at 3 now. For the record, my son Jeremy is one mean wicked GM!

And for those of you wondering, yes, we are playing 4th Edition D&D.

That's about it. Keep those cards and letters coming!

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