Reciprocated, Furry Links

The Official Eric Schwartz Homepage -- The home of Sabrina, Amy the Squirrel, and some other sexy furries not yet taken!

Zig Zag: The Story -- Even bad girls need good stories! And James Bruner gave her a HECKUVA one! Check it out now and often!

The Bolt Hole -- Max BlackRabbit's art page, home of ZigZag the tiger-striped skunkette, an amusing "Sabrina" strip, and other furry stuff.

PlanetFurry -- A furry artist with a web design company in North Carolina, and the guy from whom I freeload :) Also hosts the Sabrina, Tabitha, and ZigZag bulletin boards, amongst others.

The Maxx Domain -- One of Foxx Den's most prolific artists and a good friend from Guatemala.

21st Century Fox -- Computer field service technicians in the future. Cute comic strip, lots of in-jokes for the sci-fi and engineering buff in you!

Ki-rin's Lair -- Artiste and sculptress, visit and see some awfully good work!

The Old Raccoon's Bookshelf -- The furry fiction center of the universe. LOTS of stories, including Sabrina and Tabitha, all in .PDF format.

FurNation -- The host of Foxx Den and other very fine Anthro and Furry artists. Visit their homepage and click a link that helps pay for the site and give freeloaders like me a place to call home!

Freefall -- A sci-fi comic strip. The captain, his robot, and his furry engineer. Funny!

M.H.A.'s Sabrina Online Archive -- A lot of Sabrina and Schwartz in one neatly laid-out website. The official Sabrina Online archive of Foxx Den.

Fans of Sabrina Online -- The premier online fan club for Sabrina's fans!

Sabrina Online Club -- Another online fan club for our favorite skunkette! --Not only a mirror site for Sabrina the Story, but a collection of dolphin fact and fiction, furry stuff, gaming, MIDI's and MOD's ... a little bit of everything at one site. Read Sabrina and Tabitha while listening to appropriate music.

SabrinaOnline2k -- An all-inclusive resource for archived Sabrina Online strips and Katayama's own fan fiction Identity Crisis.

KensterFox -- The new place on the 'net for furry stories -- worth a serious look-see.

Fight Cast or Evade -- A medieval band of adventurers in their own comic strip; the sorceress Portia was inspired by Sabrina!

Sabrina Fanfiction -- Including 2 spinoffs from Sabrina the Story: From the Wings and Tale of Two Sabrinas by Sabrina fans Evan Mayerle and Mark White, respectively.

Gone Wylde -- Home of Clint McInness' story of the same name; the story of Wendy Vixxen in the not-too-distant future.

Academy Vale -- College feline in the quick-copy business. With luck, we can get him drawing more!

Badly Drawn Kitties -- This strip is not for kids! Roommate felines with mature themes and funny as heck.

Jack -- A furry Grim Reaper who takes souls to Judgement. A strip that really makes you rethink life and death. Definitely NOT an all-ages strip -- not adult, just not for kids.

The World of Vicki Fox -- One of my favorite webcomics! Clean and wholesome fun with Vicki Fox and her friends. Family-friendly and fun!


Reciprocated, Furry Links

Kevin and Kell -- The world's first daily Internet comic strip! A marvelous piece of work!

Furry Art of Michele Light -- Former Shanda the Panda illustrator and a heluvan artist in her own right!

Caribou Ink -- A pretty darned good artiste with prints both for download and for sale.

General Products -- Brought to you by the man who helped bring back Clarence Skunk! Good site, furry stories, science, and links.

The Raccoons Unofficial Home Page -- One very researched and well put together site on one of the most popular cartoons ever!

Al Mackey -- Furries a'plenty and 3-D art! From a fantastic artist.

Funday Night Pawpet Show -- Furry puppets entertain you every Sunday night (Eastern time) in what has to be seen to be believed! Use mIRC and go to their chat room and interact with the puppeteers and other fans -- you might even see me there!

The Changing Workplace -- An online comic where humans transform and become furry as part of their job.

Dragon Tails -- One of my favorite online comics. Daily, full color, simulated 3-D, baby dragons in very big adventures.

The Class Menagerie -- Incredible comic about life in a college dorm. Chris Foxx Personal Pick.

The Suburban Jungle -- Another of my newly-found favorites. Tigress model trying to hit the big time with only her day job getting in her way.


Non- Furry Links

Maverick Hunter RPG -- Role-playing game based upon the video game MegaMan X. Number One Son's site.

Hunter Bahamut on deviantART -- Number One Son's main art site hosted on deviantART.

Doctor Steel -- For, the future of a Utopian Playland, only you can help Doctor Steel take over the world!