A Love Poem for Sabrina

The one thing no one knew about Clarence: he wasn't supposed to be popular!


I have a fan in the U.K. who wrote me a letter and told me how closely he identified with Clarence Skunk, how like Clarence he admired Sabrina from afar and felt a dear affection for her. In fact, the gift he left outside Sabrina and Amy's apartment and the poem he'd written in Chapter 18 were all from this same fan, "Terl".

That gave me the inspiration to dust Clarence off and bring him back. Cindy Lapine hadn't had much to do lately, so I started writing the chapter and it ran away from me. Now it and Clarence have become the two hottest things at Foxx Den besides Sabrina and Chris!

This same Terl also wrote one of the most wonderful love poems ever, as an anonymous gift to Sabrina. He wrote it in "two periods of writing, no cross outs, no going back, just a few spelling corrections", and it goes like this:


You gave us your laughter,
You gave us your art,
A vision of beauty
An object d`art,

Your fur is perfection,
Full moon at night,
Your breath is sweet perfume,
Your voice, liquid delight.

Angelic Innosence,
Figure divine
Along with the billions,
I dream you were mine.

Limpid blue eyes,
Delicate Ears,
Merely your presence,
Removes all my fears,

Single red Roses,
Diamonds Galore,
Price Unacountable,
You I adore.

Your tail soft as love,
Your hair white as snow,
Through all the Universe,
There's no other I know,

To match your presence,
To give forth your love
A goddess among us,
A moonlit night dove,

But who am I,
To say what is true
To even think
To approach you,

A nobody, a no-one,
Nothing, not there,
To give me a name,
Just wouldn't be fair,

For thats existance,
Something that's there,
Someone to long for,
Someone to care,

Your successful, popular,
Friendships abound,
I'm just a nobody,
Not wanted around,

So what could I give you?
Nothing I art,
For nothing I have,
So I give you my heart.

I sincerely trust not one dry eye remains.