Ladies and gentlemen, I started writing Sabrina the Story as a plea to Eric Schwartz to let me be Sabrina's boyfriend in the strip. Last January, with his kind permission, I opened The Foxx Den, only wanting to post a story about my favorite furry character and express my sincere feelings about her to everyone everywhere. And the last, the very last thing I ever expected was to build a site that has become one of the most popular furry sites on the Internet!

"Thank you" plain doesn't sound like enough, as I've said before; in fact, I know it's not. I've made some amazing friends in many parts of the world because of it, inspired both art and stories, had my character of Chris Foxx make three appearances outside Sabrina by other furry writers, and Foxx Den averages well over 1,200 hits per month. Where else could I have garnered this kind of a following?

And now ... over 10,000 hits in less than eight months !!!!! WHAT A MILESTONE !!!

Most of you I may never meet, although I hope one by one I do. The final count puts Sabrina the Story at 264 pages, not counting the Afterword. Believe me when I tell you, I would never have gone to this much work if it weren't for the fact that's it's a labor of love -- not just for the prettiest skunkette in existance, but for the many of you who read it; whether you write to me or not, I care about you all and promise a quality work -- all original and free of charge !! -- for you.

As always, my sincere thanks to you all. You're the ones who make this site possible, and I love you all!

And stay tuned for TABITHA -- coming very soon!!