There's Something about Sabrina


There's no question in my mind that Sabrina Mustelidae is a phenomenon. And if you're prone to over-thinking things (as I am), you've asked yourself this question:

Just what is it about Sabrina??

She's a piece of art, an ink and color line drawing (but man, what an ink and color line drawing!!). What is it about her that steals the hearts and minds of so many people, My Good Self included?

Let's look at Eric's other female creations. Amy, Sheila, Tammy, for starters. And what do we find? Sharp, sexy figures. Long hair. Large breasts. And they ooze sex appeal. They are, in a word, sexy.

Now look at Sabrina. Attractive, rather than sexy. Short, conservative hair style. Average breast size. Not sexy, but rather, sensual.

Something else you may or may not have noticed. Amy, Sheila, Tammy, even Clarisse, have perfect-to-near-perfect figures, and 20/20 vision.

Sabrina is nearsighted. She's also wider-hipped and self-conscious about it, and her appearance, and herself.

The other girls are extroverted. Sabrina is introverted.

The other girls would shun a guy like you or me. Pre-Thomas, if you were to ask Amy out, you would have a better than average chance she would suggest something to do to yourself that would begin with the sixth letter of the alphabet. With Sabrina, you can feel comfortable knowing that if you were to ask her out, you'd have at least a 50% chance of her saying "Yes". You know that's true, she said "Yes" to Clarence once!

The other girls are perfect, in a guy's perception of the Perfect Female Form. Sabrina is flawed, and further hindered by her need for glasses. And what guy sees a girl who wears glasses as "perfect", right?

She's also not driven by reproductive urges.

Sabrina also doesn't dress up, or at least, dress femininely unless it's a special occasion. Amy, Sheila, et al, know they have good figures and accentuate them with nice, feminine, sexy clothing. Sabrina lounges in tee-shirts and stretch pants. She's comfortable. She's more interested in computers than fashion.

She's intelligent and has an old-fashioned streak in her that gives her an air of naiveté. She's outgoing enough to make friends, but inward enough to keep to herself.

Sabrina is the quintessential girl-next-door. Someone you could say "Hello" to, someone you could be friends with, someone you could potentially date by not being one of the "unobtainable" women with whom you think you could never have a chance.

She's not perfect. And that's what's perfect about her!